Increased Frequency and Intensity of Tropical Cyclones.

The blow graph shows an increasing trend in the occurrences of tropical cyclones in Tonga on a decadal basis. There is also evidence that the intensity of cyclones has increased since the 1980’s in Tonga.

Since the 1960’s 4 cyclones have severely affected Tonga. Cyclone Flora in March, 1961 affected Vava’u and Haapai district, Cyclone Isaac in March, 1982 affected Haapai and Tongatapu and Cyclone Waka in December, 2001 affected the northern group of Niua and Cyclone Renee in 2010 severely affected Tongatapu, Vava’u & Haapai groups. All of these cyclone events caused severe damages to crops and food supply, infrastructures, tourist resorts, the environment, buildings and disrupt essential services and the wellbeing of the people of affected community for a prolonged period of time.

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